Meet The Band

The members of LPO met while taking lessons and attending the performance program at the St. Louis School of Rock.  If you have a kid who would like to learn to rock like us, click on the School of Rock logo for more information.

Makalya Song

Long ago, billions stars aligned to form the first stroke of sound. Throughout our world’s lifetime, this phenomenon has sent small, unseen shards of star ash hurling at our planet. Humans lucky enough to be in the way of these shards of infinite sound, face head on with its collision, and become one. These people chosen have to let the never ending sound out in some way, and that’s what makes musicians.

Makayla was born in Fullerton, California, from day one sparkling and surrounded by music. Her father, a talented musician that she looked up to as a rock star, sang songs and raised her to appreciate its sound. Through elementary school she sang in talent shows, school plays, and for anyone who would listen. In eighth grade she moved to Missouri, still performing through the end of her sophomore year of high school. That summer Makayla got her first job sending people up a roller coaster and started her time at School of Rock Ballwin. Makayla showed off her vocals, and her use of glamorous performance, unaware Last Plane Out was in the audience. Asked to a Saturday practice with the band, she sang and hung out with the guys who would soon become family. Makayla was then asked back to perform with the band live. Now she’s in the band for the long haul, performing all out, and sparkling at every gig.

Luke Alonso

Luke Alonso
Luke, coming from the same planet as legendary rockers KISS, is a natural born rock ‘n roller. From throwing up horns at birth, to screaming along to Springsteen in preschool, all the way to spending his time in one of two places today: at rock concerts or up on stage.
Luke’s biggest influences are Dimebag Darrell and Eddie Van Halen, but he has also been inspired by bands such as ZZ Top, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, and many more. Luke guarantees he will be playing music until he dies.


Largely influenced by the 70’s musical Hair, Samuel Lyles comes from the same planet as the dinosaurs. Playing guitar for 7 years, his main influences include: Kirk Hammet, Eddie Van Halen, , and Alex Skolnick, and Jason Becker In addition to the guitar, he plays piano as well as the bari sax with the O’Fallon Marching Panthers . Proudly, he joins his fellow bandmates on the musical journey; acknowledging its great difficulty, but also the special euphoria that accompanies playing onstage.

John Sander

John Sander

Born in another time and dimension, John decided to take a break from adventures after defeating Sauron at the Black gate. John’s bass playing abilities come from being a cross of Macho Man Randy Savage and the Darth Vader. His main influences are Spider Man, Sub Zero-now just plain zero…, the actor in the R2D2 suit, and Fat Bastard. His musical influences are Geddy Lee, Steve Harris, David Ellefson, Billy Sheehan, Lemmy, Alex Webster, William Muderface Murderface Muderface and GWar! In an interview John once said “I never knew Flea was from California?” John is pounding the bass in Last Plane Out- come check us out.

“Hi Jack”

Jack Heet

Jack has been a drummer for around 6 years. ” I’m a strong believer in practice and self-motivation. Without that foundation, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now. My goal is to continue to make a living out of music. It’s going to be a challenge, but it’s one that I won’t have any problem facing. If I’m not doing music, I’m usually playing video games (mainly Call of Duty). I couldn’t be happier where I am currently with Last Plane Out. I’m very excited to see where the future will take us, as friends and band mates.”